A basic technology knowledge: Photovoltaic cells

A basic knowledge about photovoltaic cells

The most commonly used technologies for solar cells are based on mono-crystalline, polycrystalline and thin film.

Crystalline photovoltaic cells are made from a semiconductor in two layers with a metal net that takes the electric power generated.

Photovoltaics – More than a typical electrical installation

Photovoltaic system


Photovoltaics allow the generation of electricity from sunlight. This electricity can then be sold in the grid or used on-site. In Europe, the applications with the highest growth are the systems connected to the grid, due to the extensive of network coverage, flexibility of systems connected to the grid and lower overall costs involved in the system.

Introduction: Photovoltaic market & technology development

Photovoltaic cells home installed

Photovoltaic panels exploit the sun’s energy, an free source and infinite energy. When sunlight reaches the earth’s surface contain an energy of about 2,000 times the energy total consumed worldwide in a year. The solar energy, in conjunction with other renewables such as wind, geothermal and biomass could help to achieve a 100% energy produced renewable and clean energy supply 100% green.